About us

Construction of the studio began in 2021 in the midst of the COVID epidemic, and we faced constant challenges during the quarantine, shortages of skilled workers and the crisis in raw materials. Our team has worked to create a space for the Foundation's students, despite the challenges, that will help them get started in music and create a life full of opportunities. We are delighted to have this special studio as the Budapest base for the Snétberger Programme in the city centre. 

Many thanks to our supporters, to the Villum Fonden Foundation and the Ministry of Human Resources, without them none of this would have been possible. We will honour the memory of Jens-Joergen Pedersen, who together with Ferenc Snétberger dreamed the studio and helped make it a reality with the support of the Villum Fonden Foundation.Thank you!

The Foundation

Since 2011, the Foundation has been supporting the musical education and talent development of exceptionally talented, disadvantaged young people in Hungary. The community space, equipped with a professional studio and rehearsal room, is a platform for higher musical education for young people participating in the Snétberger Programme. Our aim is to give our students the opportunity to participate in masterclasses and workshops of renowned artists, to rehearse, to make professional recordings, thus supporting their further education, professional fulfillment and career development in the national and international music scene.

Rehearsal, recording, rental

Snétberger Studio's operations and activities are financed by renting out our free capacity. If you're looking for a nice, professional environment and want to support a good cause, we welcome your request! Please visit our contact page for more information!